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Quantum Computing

Well, today is the era of digitization. Each and every machine is being digitized day by day. Today is the era of modernized super computers , machine learning technology, highly advanced processor chips and the one of the most awaited technology i.e. Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence will be a devastating achievement in the field of technology. Another domain which has its own place in today’s market is cyber security which includes cyber hacks through difference cyber protocols i.e. brute force attacks and dictionary attacks and many more.

Men has always been keen in trying and implementing a way which could resolve these attacks as fast as possible and making this world free of cyber hacks but as I said men has always has taken a keen interest in what could change the world, he has always been curious to do all the negative stuff which could either help him or make him take revenge. And now finally after a long wait there has been discovered an upcoming trending technology

that could actually change the map of this world i.e. Quantum Computing.

Quantum Computers will also be a ground breaking technology as like AI which will change the whole model of data processing. Talking about quantum domain, as the whole computers processes are handled and executed by processors. Since 1960’s the power of our brains machine has kept growing exponentially, allowing computer chips to get smaller and smaller making it more powerful simultaneously. But before thinking about quantum computers, scientists came through the idea of super computers but many hurdles came up while implementing super computer technology.

You might be thinking that what was the reason of failure of this technology??? So the answer was the size of transistors (a switch which handles the processing of data through logic gates) which has come to at an extent of size of an atom. This is leading to a mechanism called quantum tunneling which leads electrons to travel through blocked passages.

Seems un-understandable but it is the bitter truth of quantum physics. The only solution which scientists thought to work was Quantum Computing which uses concepts of quantum physics like superposition and quantum entanglement.

However you might be wondering on how this quantum computing will help in fast data processing??

Well the answer to this lies in the books of quantum physics. Let me explain you in short, classic computers which we are using in our daily lives carry data in bits i.e. in 0’s and 1’s but that is not the case with quantum computers , they work in qubits which may either be 0 , 1 or maybe a combination of both. They work on basis of

magnetic fields, spins of electrons and magnetic moment of electron. It all works on probability whether the combination will result in either 0 or 1.

Seems quite strange to say a combination of both?? How’s this possible?? But yes quantum physicists have made this possible after going through a lot of researches and implementations and they found this superimposition of bits which was later named as superposition mechanism. So by this mechanism a good

amount of data could be carried as compared to classic computers which will by default increase the data processing speed.

Now, you might be wondering how’s this going to change the era of technology.

Have you ever wondered if processing speed becomes 10x times faster than that of previously designed computers, how easy it would be for spy to pop into your system or hack your system’s password. This processing speed will limit the time of brute force attack which earlier took days to resolve the problem.

Basically quantum computing will increase the parallel processing of data which will be a great help in many fields such as weather forecasting and AI.

Still quantum computers are not in that much of trend, there is still much to be worked on; companies like HP, Intel, and IBM are still working on quantum computers. But I have a strong belief that the world will not have to wait for a longer period of time for this upcoming technology.

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