Learning Services

Cognitive services are mainly based on deep learning models. But there are some structured datasets which can be analysed with machine learning models.


Detecting anomalous vibrations


Noise files of machines are converted into structured data. Using classification algorithms these files are classified according to their abnormality levels. These algorithm help to detect abnormal vibrations and thus help to detect the machines which have high chances of failure. (Visit Demo)




Predictive maintenance using IOT data 


The data getting generated from IOT sensors fixed on the machines is analysed using survival methods, regression techniques as well as classification algorithms. This helps to generate the failure conditions of machine and thus the trigger can be created to alert the failure of machine well in advance. (Visit Demo)


Customer churn


To grow the business along with adding new customer it is equally important to retain existing clients. Our customer churn model helps to identify the influential factors for customer churn and also the chances of each client getting churned. This will help business to retain the client important for business.


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