Intelligent Character Recognition

This technology primarily aims to analyse an image, detect based on patterns if the image contains text, and extract that text into a machine-readable format. It is intelligent enough to decipher data from non-standard documents, which contain handwritten texts with varied formats. ICR helps in converting handwritten text characters into a machine-readable format.

Some of the different data types for which ICR can be used:


Structured documents

These documents have standardized and templatisedstructure with a fixed location for specific data sets. Some examples are banking forms, surveys, exam papers, etc.


Unstructured documents


These documents have no standard structure and data is usually free-flowing and lacks consistency. Examples include contracts, agreements and letters. OCR/ICR can be used wherever inputs are received in PDF, Scanned images, and handwritten documents.

Some Examples include invoices, purchase orders, contract agreements and letters.


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