Company Values

Achieving customer delight through employee delight

Our company culture is driven by transparency, accountability, collaboration, and open communication.

We strive to communicate with clarity to our customers and internal teams as to what we want to achieve.

In our flexible organizational structure all employees all free to speak up and share their ideas and viewpoints.

We firmly believe that if we invest in every employee, take care of their personal and professional growth, they, in turn, will take care of our customers.

Passionately focusing on excellence will attract revenue

For us how we conduct our business is just as  important as what we do.

If we have a customer focused mentality and strive for excellence in what we do, the revenue generated will be directly proportional to the positive value-add we are successful in bringing to the customer.

Furthermore taking time to reflect on the work done will help us to continually keep on improving and work smarter rather than harder.

Thorough research and planning ensures smooth delivery

We abhor bureaucracy and slow moving hierarchical organizational structures but we do appreciate a well defined process.

We aim to approach any task with thorough research and planning and well defined objectives and success criteria to ensure a smooth delivery.

Customer/market verification and validation or the work done is important to us so as to avoid dissonance at a later stage and thus we strive to keep our customers in the loop as we always link our success metrics to the delivered Outcome and nor the delivered output

Creativity and imagination will enable us to push the market boundaries

We embrace a growth mentality, fostering creative thinking, embracing change and challenging the status quo. We want to utilize our knowledge to develop well thought out user centric products which will push the boundaries of the existing market.

Key People


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About Us

We are a Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence company with a core objective of transforming the globe with the use of Artificial Intelligence. We help businesses grow and achieve their objectives.


" We aim to be a valuable technology partner to our clients, delivering quantifiable business values by implementing ML powered AI."

Tripti Indulkar

Tripti is an energetic, go-getter, Business Excellence/Transformation leader with global exposure, having an outstanding record of success in spearheading large scale process excellence initiatives in multiple renowned organizations in various domains like Telecom, IT and Manufacturing for more than 20 years.

She has worked extensively on Digital Transformation initiatives such as RPA, AI, ML, and achieved resource optimization and reinvented processes for seamless delightful customer Journeys. This also resulted in overall 15% efficiency improvement across the organization. She mentored 300+ Six Sigma GB, BB, Lean, Kaizen projects with substantial tangible and intangible gains in GTL, Orange, Tata and Vodafone.She has also driven digitization/digitalization (Class I/ RPA/ Cognitive/ ML/ AI) of business processes thereby improving customer experience.


​She is chief architect for machine learning development and keeps traveling across geographies to ​implement the solutions by setting up data science teams in various geographies. She has experience working with various cross functional and technical teams to implement advanced data science projects.

She has expertise in identifying Machine Learning use cases and deploying end to end Machine Learning pipeline in diverse domains like healthcare, insurance, legal, IOT and manufacturing etc. using clouds as well as R or Python.

Rutuja has presented papers in technical as well as business conferences. She is associated to various meet up groups and enjoys helping developers upskilling or reskilling by conducting seminars or workshops through various media, thus, benefitting the data science community. Being a Statistician, she is in Data Science field for 15+ years and consults companies for AI and ML practice development.

S. Butala

Sahil has 7+ years of experience in the tech industry having worked in a variety of domains such as Telecom, Fintech and Machine Learning with cross functional technical teams to develop products. Before joining ODA, Sahil was a Product Manager at Coveo an enterprise search relevance firm, based in Quebec. Prior to that he played a pivotal role in turning around a Fintech startup and got valuable experience in all areas of product lifecycle management. He also has a strong technical background having done his B.E. in Information Technology from the University of Pune, India and having worked as a code developer for several years after that. He holds an MBA with a focus on Strategy and Marketing from McGill University.


Sahil's passion for Product Management stems from his tech background, MBA and after being on both sides of the development process, his desire to provide his team with clarity in what to do next, and why to do it in order to achieve the objective throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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